In this episode, I am speaking with Zoe Harris from MyCareMatters and Elizabeth and Felicity from Nightingales Army.

Zoe is a real source of inspiration and a tremendous example of how passion and love can be channeled to not only enhance the standard care of the people closest to us receive, but also thousands of others!

COVID-19 Carer Bonus's were promised in 2020 to carer in Wales. However, many carers have actually been left worst off from lost benefits and taxes!

COVID-19 has brought tremendous pressure on carers, nurses, and care managers across the UK, in health, wealth, and mental wellbeing.

The Welsh Government bonus was a welcome surprise! (It would have been nice to see it stretched to the whole UK!)

In this episode, we are speaking to Elizabeth and Felicity from Nightingales Army who have been speaking to carers around the UK about their personal experience and the challenges that they have been presented with because of Carer Bonus's.

In this episode, I am speaking with Felicity and Lizzie from Nightingale's Army. An exciting innovation that is challenging how Social Care works. All in the name of outstanding care and valuing care workers. 

In this episode, I am speaking with Ali Treacher. She is an active Unite Member and Care Worker.

We discuss the victories she and her colleagues have already achieved and how Care Workers around the UK can use these victories to springboard their own.

Ali tells me what it is like to be part of a Union and what they are striving to achieve. 

There is real value in this conversation for all of us, and I have never been more sure that only by coming together can we create real change.


In this episode, I discuss leadership in Care with Vij Griew. Vij is an expert in Leadership, Communication, and Conflict Resolution.

We speak about the challenges Care Managers are facing, how Care Workers can develop their own leadership careers, and the growing conflict between Care Workers and Managers.


In this episode, I speak about the pro's and con's of zero-hour contracts and how zero-hour contracts are misused. A good informative episode that explains employees and employers right with zero-hour contracts. If you have any thoughts on this, it would be great to hear from you.

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Sharon Brookes! Sharon has been a Registered Mental Health Nurse for 8 years and is now a Senior Manager for complex care for people at home. She has over 25 years of management experience.

We speak about Coronavirus and the impact it is having on care services, the effects of COVID-19 on the countries mental health and how to develop our skills as care workers to push our careers forward.

Hope you enjoy!

In this Episode of The Unappreciated Carer, we speak with logistics man Ryan Walker! We speak PPE and the affect mismanaged supply chains has had on adequte PPE being available when needed. 

We also tapped into Ryan's expertise in recruitment to find out how Care Managers can use social media to improve their recruitment process, and how carers can take ownership of their careers by developing themselves.

Hope you enjoy!

In this episode we look at the National Living Wage, how this is calculated and how care workers compare to this. We also explored the Real Living Wage as determined by the Real Living Wage Foundation.

Episode Zero of The Unappreciated Carer Podcast explains who is The Unappreciated Carer and what does it mean? We talk about what out intentions and hopes are for the podcast, as we strive for positive change in care.

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